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Performance of FRP

Date: 2016-02-20
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 Glass has a hard but brittle, with good transparency and high temperature, corrosion-resistant properties; while steel is very hard and not brittle, but also has high temperature characteristics. Then people began to think, if we can create a both a hardness of glass, high temperature, corrosion-resistant properties, but also has not broken as hard steel feature, that this material will be of great use.
People through research trials, and finally made out of such a composite material. It is standing shoulder to shoulder with steel FRP.
Let's look at a test, learn to understand whether or not its good performance. In one hills, tree-lined valley, once trials are underway. People as far away as two hundred meters outside the bunker after the eyes are staring at the valley placed in the center of an oxygen bottle. Air compressor rhythm turning, constantly inflated by alloy steel pipeline unto oxygen bottles. Pointer on the gauge affects everyone's heart. Reading from 100-200-400-500 gradually increased until 700 kg 1 square centimeters, only to hear the sound loud thunder, oxygen bottles exploded! People jumped around cheering: "It worked!"
Oxygen cylinder is a pressure-resistant container. It has to withstand working pressures of 150 kg / cm. In order to use the security, manufacturing requirements can endure three times the working pressure, ie 450 kg / cm. No burst to be qualified. Oxygen bottle test above, far beyond the design requirements. This is what it's made of steel? Glass steel, more specifically, glass and plastic composite made together.
Glass is hard and brittle materials, on the broken Yishuai this with a glass FRP stand the name throw you? So we conducted a new trial.
The other glass steel oxygen bottle inflated to 150 kg / cm, and then rolled down the valley from the top of the hill. It collide with the rugged rocks, the bottom has not been rolled burst. Glass steel oxygen bottle after a qualification test.
One of the general anti-tensile strength steel ordinary glass only eight. The glass melt, pull into one of only a dozen points so fine hair diameter glass fiber, the original hard and fragile glass becomes soft, stretch-resistant glass fibers, which can increase the resistance to tensile strength than a dozen times.
As we all know, cement block pressure, pull-resistant steel. Steel as bones, muscles cement gravel as to make them together as one, complement each other, it becomes very strong - this is reinforced concrete.
Similarly, we use glass fiber as bones, synthetic resin (phenolic, epoxy and polyester resin) as the muscles, so that they come together as one, made of a material, its tensile strength comparable with steel - so He was named FRP.

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